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Phase 3: Sales & CRM Optimization

Sales SOPS + CRM Buildout

Service Description

Step 1: Discovery and Needs Assessment - Conduct detailed discussion to understand CRM requirements and sales processes - Assess current systems, workflows, and pain points Step 2: CRM Implementation and Configuration - Set up CRM modules, user access, and permissions - Customize CRM to match sales processes - Data migration and system integration Step 3: SOP Development - Analyze existing sales processes and identify areas for improvement - Develop standardized operating procedures (SOPs) for sales processes - Ensure consistency, efficiency, and best practices across the sales team Step 4: Training and User Adoption - Provide comprehensive training sessions for sales team - Guide team on CRM functionalities, best practices, and SOP implementation - Empower team to effectively use CRM and follow SOPs Step 5: Ongoing Support and Optimization (4-6 hours per month) - Provide regular maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting - Analyze CRM usage and performance data - Recommend enhancements and fine-tune the system

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